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Are you stuck with a problem you have?

You want to change your life but don't know how to do so?

Have you set new goals?

I have a solution for you!

I will help you realize all the potential and seize the opportunities that have been lying dormant in you.

„One can choose to go back toward safety or forward toward growth"

Abraham Maslow

Get rid of your burdens and live life to the fullest!

Many people struggle with all sorts of problems. Personal and career issues, social transformations, tough life events, and transitions between different life stages present challenges for all of us from time to time.

These are all parts of life, but they often represent a significant mental burden. It isn’t necessary to carry these burdens alone, so it is worth asking for external help. 

Many people do not take this step. They only contact a specialist when so many problems have accumulated in their lives that they render their everyday life unbearable. It doesn’t have to be this way. 

It is worth taking action in the interest of achieving our goals and working on our self-esteem.  We need to get rid of meaningless weights to live a more liberated, fuller and more delightful life.


Business coaching can improve your peak performance! Whether you want to maximize the profitability of your company or business or increase your personal efficiency, by means of this method, the fruit of our joint work will be your success.


Life coaching for a happy and complete life! Life coaching is a mutual journey aimed at developing your potential to achieve the results you want to achieve in your life through the unraveling of the opportunities hidden in you.

Coaching for kids / children

Coaching for kids: In this session, we work for your happy and well-balanced child, as well as for relaxed and liberated parents.

Life counseling / Life coaching

We look at life situations in an accepting and empathetic environment to enable you to find the right solutions.  

The sessions are conducted in Hungarian language. Wherever they live in the world, I help Hungarians living abroad to meet their objectives and realize their dreams.

Personal development brings joy!

My clients can live the experience when the life-giving sunlight emerges from behind the stormy clouds after a long cold front. 

They can experience the value that accepting and empathetic attention and understanding can bring out of them, like when a tree blossoms and bears fruit from the hands of a careful gardener.

It means that you have to cut off dead or unnecessary branches and in addition, nurture and take care of the plant. In return for the care, the plant gains new strength and gives extra fruit, which means getting rid of dead, useless parts and nurturing what is alive and fruitful.

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."


Feedback from my clients

„During our joint work with Szilvi, I realized that my life is truly in my hands, and I can only shape it through action. It was both an enhancement of my self-awareness and spiritual refreshment to work together with her on my inner self.  Based on her insights, I could become a new, active, braver person with my own needs in mind. Months full of suffering at work and in my personal life were replaced by a bright vision of the future. I owe the changes in my life to our joint work, I’m glad that she was my “personality coach”.
Péter, Project-koordinátor

„I’ve always been curious about what an individual coaching process could be like. Then life brought Szilvi to me when I felt I needed help. As a young graduate, I was trying to figure out what I wanted to achieve in my career. The process of individual coaching and the cooperation with Szilvi constituted such a driving force for me that I managed to find my first workplace where I enjoy working. For this, I had to get help and support for my dilemmas that arose during the coaching process, so as to be able to take action. Thank you very much for the great and thorough work. I can cordially recommend her!
Anna, Junior project manager

„Working together with Szilvi was surprising, interesting, and meaningful to me. It was surprising because I had previously known Szilvi as an economist. The experience was interesting because during our sessions, I became aware of something I had not even suspected until then, and it left a deep impression in me. It was helpful because it gave me tips and ideas regarding how to make my life easier and smoother.”
Niki, Economist

„I have known Szilvi for a decade and a half. Earlier, however, we used to work together in a completely different professional area:  she was a controller. I already knew that the “soul” and “human things” were closer to her than “numbers”. Our most recent joint project is already the result of her career change: I became her client, I receive coaching from her. Well, the truth is that we still have session to sit, but her coaching has already helped me immensely to uncover my real goals, which should serve as the basis for trying to achieve them. I can only recommend Szilvi, she is an authentic testimony for me that it is never too late to change and try something new.”
Ferenc, Chief financial officer

’’A future professional wanted to find a volunteer (test subject)  for her thesis, so I applied. After the first time, I concluded  that this career path required deep knowledge. Hats off to Szilvi for choosing such a responsible profession! I  enjoyed our session very much, I  had the opportunity to discuss many of my experiences with a professional, and then I received a lot of feedback. Szilvi will be a very competent and attentive professional soon.’’
Peter, Regional representative

My name is Szilvia Sebestyén.

A fallible human being. 
Delicate woman.
A good enough mother. 

Psychologist, Business and Life Coach for children and  adults,  Economist, Trainer.

I love and am disappointed, make mistakes and learn, and I’m on my way like all the other people. I love to write, and dance, I love to discover the good in people and help them tread their own path.

I officially turned to the science of psychology and coaching after the birth of my children. 

I have been interested in the inner workings and methods of the human psyche since I was a child. 

I completed my university studies in adult clinical and health psychology. As a psychologist, I adopted the client-centered approach, use body-oriented, movement-based methods, and rely on the world of fairy tales, arts, and symbols.

As a support professional with a humanist, people-centered value system, I consider it important to create an accepting, empathetic and supportive atmosphere during the helping process.

At first, I learned coaching tools and techniques in an NLP orientation, then within the framework of a holistic approach. As a Business and Life coach, I can help you achieve your business and personal life goals employing action-oriented and practical methods. As a specialist with children, I can guide you to a deeper connection with your child through my holistic approach.

Studies  and qualifications: 

Certified Psychologist – specializing in adult clinical and health psychology – Károli Gáspár University, 2022 

Business and Life Coach /Child Life Coach with a Holistic approach. – LHAMO Vital, and Lineo International Consulting Ltd., 2022.

Certified Economist – with a specialization in HR and management – University of Miskolc, 2007.

Trainer – Dual Focus Consulting Ltd, 2021.

Psychodrama – Own experience, ongoing studies in self-awareness, and methodological knowledge.

ICD (Integrative Core Dynamics – body psychotherapy): own experience, ongoing studies in self-awareness, and methodological knowledge.

Do you have the intention and desire to act?

Through my work as a psychologist and coach, I support people who have the motivation and inner drive to take action to improve their own lives and therefore need help to do so.

Business coaching

As a business coach, I support your business goals, whether you want to be more credible and efficient as a leader or find a better balance between work and private life. I am also happy to help you if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur or if you are planning a career change. 

Business coaching topics:
● development of personal efficiency
● development of time management skills
● development of conflict management skills and cooperation skills
● stress management
● development of problem-solving skills
● leadership effectiveness, development of leadership competencies
● executive coaching – top management coaching ( coaching for senior managers)
● prevention of burnout
● support for the development of a professional identity
● career transition support
● increasing self-awareness, self-confidence, and self-control
● development of emotional intelligence 

Life coaching

As a life coach, we focus on the issues in your private life with the aim of helping you find a more positive relationship with yourself and the people who matter to you.

Life coaching topics:
● lifestyle change support
● development of motivation
● development of self-confidence
● improving your connection with people who are important to you
● establishing a work-life balance
● help in living your gender roles
● personal development, development of self-awareness
● increasing personal financial efficiency

Coaching for children

As a coach for children, I help you connect with your child mentally and physically in a way that brings about positive changes for both of you. In the course of the process, upon my clients’ request, I employ a dry massage technique based on Thai massage.

Holistic coaching support for mothers: 
● handling tantrums, resistance, and loss of self-control
● handling vulnerability and hypersensitivity
● managing behavioral problems
● help to deal with problems in studying
● help in improving focus and concentration
● handling aggressiveness and violent behavior
● handling self-devaluation and lack of self-confidence

Lifestyle counseling

As a psychologist, I can help you solve the difficulties in your life. In doing so, you can evaluate your life situation in an accepting and empathetic environment, and find solutions to your problems during your journey.

The topics of life counseling/life coaching can be:
● development of self-awareness
● improving the quality of your relationships
● counseling in upbringing children
● help overcome mental blocks
● effective management of your conflicts
● find a way to change your current life situation
● overcoming mental crises
● support for life changes
● resolving decision-making difficulties
● support for solving issues related to life trajectory planning

Please note that I can’t help you with matters that fall outside my scope of expertise. My service is not suitable for psychotherapy or medical therapy. For this reason, I cannot undertake the treatment of mental illnesses, psychiatric diagnoses, or the treatment of somatic illnesses. I can support mentally and physically healthy persons in their personal development.

Hourly fees / prices

Terms and conditions

Life and child coaching session, consultation, life counseling (in person or online): HUF 15,000/50 minutes*
Business coaching: unique offer – hourly fee: from HUF 25,000

In all cases, the fee for the online session must be settled by bank transfer before the appointment.

* In case of appointment cancellation:  / Psychotherapy Cancellation Policy
If you cancel your appointment within less than 48 hours, a charge of HUF 10,000 will be applied. 
If you cancel your appointment within less than 24 hours, a charge of HUF 15.000 will be applied. 
If the cancellation is not made before the start of the session, and the Client does not appear at the agreed time, the full fee will be charged.
In all cases, the fee for the online session must be settled by bank transfer before the appointment.

Thank you for your understanding! 

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The sessions are conducted in Hungarian language. Wherever they live in the world, I help Hungarians living abroad to meet their objectives and realize their dreams.

You can contact me by phone or e-mail to book an appointment or to request further information. 

Phone:  +36709460990
Location of sessions / consultation: Budapest 5th district 

An online session is possible by prior arrangement.

You can also request an appointment using the form below.

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